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The greatest Notre Dame football green jerseys that never happened — but should have

A lot of people wished they did

USC v Notre Dame
The mums are neither green or necessary.

With it being uniform week — or rather sports jersey week — all over the SB Nation network, there’s obviously a lot to discuss when it comes to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. A lot of that discussion revolves around the green jerseys, and to a lesser extent the alternate uniforms worn by Notre Dame.

One of those alternates has been discussed at length as one of the best Notre Dame uniforms ever... the Under the Lights uniforms.

Notre Dame v Michigan Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Even though the Irish suffered a heart-breaking defeat that night, the uniform is still well-loved by many — and people have clamored for a home version.

Did you know, however, that Notre Dame and Adidas DID INDEED have a home version made — which means it could have been a possibility had Notre Dame and Brian Kelly requested?

Thinking back, I do remember seeing it but had let it drift from my mind like a game from the Bob Davie era. Thanks to an Instagram story from Notre Dame Fanatics I was very bluntly reminded of the awesomeness.

This was used in one of Notre Dame’s fantasy camps, and from the “125” patch, you can tell it’s from the 2012 season.

So, I guess we should ask... was Notre Dame planning on using this uniform in 2011, and would that have happened if the Irish would have won up in Ann Arbor? Maybe it was ready to go — if needed — for the 2012 season?

At any rate, it’s a jersey that Irish fans wanted to see, but will never likely be on the field.

Also... here’s a fun post from the Notre Dame Fanatics Instagram with a jersey that needs to find its way back onto the field: