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More BREAKING NEWS: Niele Ivey Named Women’s Basketball Head Coach

The news just broke after the announcement that Muffet McGraw stepped down

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies-Media Day Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Whirlwhind News Day

RIGHT after the news broke that Muffet McGraw is stepping down as the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Women’s Basketball Head Coach, there is even more news coming from WBB. Niele Ivey, assistant coach for the Memphis Grizzlies, was just announced as the replacement to Muffet McGraw.

Niele Ivey had an awesome career move available when she got hired by the Memphis Grizzlies this past NBA offseason. She had been a long-time assistant coach to Muffet McGraw after helping to win the 2001 National Championship for Notre Dame.

This is an OUTSTANDING move. Niele connected so well with the players, and knows Muffet’s style to appreciate it. It is the best choice for head coach to replace the legend that is Muffet McGraw. Continuity is important here, and Niele stood out as an awesome coach in her career.

We will delve deeper into all of this later, as it has been an absolute whirlwhind of a half hour here on April 22, 2020. We will provide more info later. Stick with us at One Foot Down for more information on this as we find out more. Again, hopefully we will get a post-Rona press conference about all of this that is happening.


A press conference was just held, one day after the formal announcement. With her son, Jaden, right by her side, holding her hand, Niele Ivey took questions in a socially distant press conference. Niele Ivey is formally and officially announced as the Head Basketball Coach at Notre Dame.

Niele was so thankful to the program, to Muffet, and to Jack Swarbrick. Watch as she takes questions and makes statements about the recent news. The press conference just wrapped up.