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BREAKING NEWS: Muffet McGraw Steps Down as Notre Dame WBB Head Coach

This shocking news just occurred

Pitt v Notre Dame Photo by Andy Mead/ISI Photos/Getty Images

So long, Coach. And thank you.

Yes, it is true. In news just announced by Notre Dame Fighting Irish head coach Muffett McGraw herself, Muffet is stepping down as Notre Dame’s Women’s Basketball head coach.

After 33 seasons, Muffet is calling it quits. She does not specifically say that she is retiring from coaching, so that is an interesting thing to keep in mind here.

This is obviously shocking news coming out of nowhere today. However, what we do know is that Muffet McGraw is a true legend in our midst. She gave the program so many winning seasons, accolades, conference championships, and two national championships. She will be forever membered as a Notre Dame woman in the athletics history of the University but also as a person in the community.

Muffet, we will dearly miss you. For more on this, check back with us later. We’ll do a deeper dive into Muffet’s decision and her career as more of the information comes to light. Maybe after the Rona we will be able to get a press conference from her. Something might be in the works, and we will keep you all updated.

For now, someone call a sculptor to get that statue up of Muffet. NOW. It needs to be in her signature squat with the pink power pants.


At 4:30 PM on Wednesday, Muffet took part in a “press conference” that had to be remote. She was asked questions with her husband, Matt, by her side. Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick was also in the room, and he was asked some questions too. Swarbrick said that Muffet McGraw is on the Mount Rushmore of Notre Dame coaches, and he is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. Muffet also said she would not look to become a successor to Swarbrick as a future Notre Dame Athletic Director and that she is “retiring from basketball.”

Watch the whole 30-minute press conference below: