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Notre Dame Football: Another “The Shirt” and another bad and gaudy design

Even the color is bad — and it’s green

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish kept their appointment with their “The Shirt” unveiling and gave the people everything that a shirt made by a committee can give a person.

This monstrosity:

I’ll save you the fashionista report about this year’s version (which is to say a long list of grievances) but this thing is pretty bad, and here are several simple reasons why:

  • Yay green! Right? Wrong... Hunter green is a terrible version of green for the whole concept of a unifying shirt. It’s too dark to pop, and Notre Dame quit pumping out gear with that shade a number of years ago. Hunter green is a pretty color, but not in this case — it needs to be much brighter.
  • After the color, the next thing that immediately hits me is their font choice for the word “Irish.” It looks as if they reached back into the throwback closet for the USC Trojans and said — “that’s the ticket!” Look at the “S” and tell me I’m wrong.
  • Finally... it’s just too much. No shirt in the history of mankind needs a massive graphic logo on both the front and the back — AND ON A SLEEVE. This is what happens when a committee does something one real artist should do. It needs ONE theme and ONE direction. These things have been relegated to Oprah saying everyone’s ides gets them a car.

So yeah... I hate it for very simple reasons that I’m sure other people love. One of the reasons that others love these things so much is that Notre Dame put it out and somehow they feel some type of emotional pull towards the “no wrong” column.

No thanks.