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Notre Dame Football: Want Football Saturday? Her Loyal Sons & One Foot Down Have You Covered

HLS is hosting a virtual Blue-Gold game, while we’re throwing it back.

Brendan McAlinden / @verypiratey

Her Loyal Sons and One Foot Down are partnering to bring Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans plenty of football Saturday, in lieu of the annual Blue-Gold Game being cancelled.

It starts at 11:30 a.m. Eastern as HLS editor-in-chief Ryan Ritter hosts a virtual tailgate (details here) in preparation for a (virtual) kickoff one hour later on Twitch. You can be part of the crowd as the NCAA College Football 2014 versions of our current roster scrimmage each other for our amusement or befuddlement. Be sure to have a beverage handy to consume when virtual Brian Kelly calls a speed option on 4th and 12, or when they go five wide on 1st and goal at the two.

Once we’ve had our fun there, head over to YouTube at 2 p.m. for the “premiere” of the once-promised, hopefully soon delivered 2013 Shamrock Series game against the Arizona State Sun Devils.

This game is not currently available on YouTube — and will be taken down soon after the gamewatch concludes. So if you want to watch Tommy Rees, Dan Fox and the rest of the ‘13 team beat Will Sutton, Carl Bradford and the Kraft Hunger Bowl-bounded Sun Devils, then tune in! We’ll have an in-game chat available.

If you’re still craving content, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish YouTube channel will release the 2006 UCLA Bruins game out of its vault at 7:30 p.m. Saturday. Notre Dame will host an in-game chat. They’ll also be asking trivia questions and giving away an Under Armour men’s blue ‘CFB150′ performance cotton football T-shirt.

Questions? Hit us up on Twitter (@herloyalsons or @onefootdown) or leave a comment on this page or HLS’ site.

Go Irish! Beat Blue! Beat Gold! Beat Sun Devils! Beat Bruins!