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NFL DRAFT: Alohi Gilman opens up about draft process, his role models, and the future of Notre Dame

And plenty more

Alohi Gilman Mike Miller/One Foot Down

One of the most loved Notre Dame Fighting Irish football players over the last two seasons has been hard-hitting safety Alohi Gilman. Fans already knew of Gilman and his style of play before he transferred to Notre Dame from the Navy Midshipmen because the Hawaii native had an outstanding game against the Irish in 2016.

After sitting out a year in 2017, Gilman and the rest of Notre Dame nation were chomping at the bit for the 2018 season — and he never disappointed. His hard hits, big plays, and relentless style instantly made him a favorite on a team that went 23-3 during his two years in South Bend.

Gilman is still preparing for the NFL Draft at the moment. The Athletic’s Dane Brugler has recently predicted Gilman to be picked by the San Francisco 49ers in the 6th round.

The Post Game recently got Gilman on the line for a video interview where he talks about:

And plenty more.

The NFL Draft will still take place from April 23-25 — although it won’t be the extravaganza we have seen it turn into over the last 20 years. You can watch the entire interview with Alohi in the video below.