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OFD BOOKCAST: Notre Dame’s Frank Leahy always said the last 10 yards were the hardest

More tales from the Leahy era

Frank Leahy Photo by Francis Miller/The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images
Notre Dame Head Football Coach Frank Leahy Photo by Bettmann/Corbis/Getty Images

The OFD Bookcast gets stuck on one chapter this time around, and that chapter deals with more stories about Frank Leahy and his last 6 years with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

In this episode:

  • Moose and Frank go to war
  • Moose almost gets court-martialed
  • Moose at home and Moose on the recruiting trail
  • ”Crying Frank”
  • Robert Neff is a son of a bitch
  • Ziggy Czarobski
  • Fluffduff
  • How Leon Hart came to Notre Dame
  • The sickness of Frank
  • Pissing off Navy’s head coach
  • Frank’s legacy and death

And plenty more.

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