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Could NBC’s addition of Drew Brees to the Notre Dame broadcast mean a change in the booth?

Like... will they kick Doug Flutie out?

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The Best Damn Sports Show Period At Surfcomber Photo by Larry Marano/Getty Images

Despite having ZERO SPORTS at the moment, NBC has made a huge move that will impact Notre Dame Fighting Irish football broadcasts in the future.

The article states:

When Brees retires from the Saints, he is expected to start as a game analyst on Notre Dame football and as a studio analyst for “Football Night in America.” In its recruitment of Brees, NBC sold him on it being the best place to succeed.

I’m going to guess that “game analyst” means the job that Chris Simms is currently doing for NBC on their Notre Dame broadcasts — which is excellent. Simms has received high praise for his work on Notre Dame broadcasts, and that could mean a move by NBC to put Simms in the Notre Dame booth and push fan villain Doug Flutie out for good.

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It could also just mean that Simms will get more work on NBC’s NFL broadcasts. Nothing is known for sure, but other than the terrible sky-cam experiment, there is no change that Irish fans have vocalized more than for NBC to can Flutie.

It’s smart to remember that Drew Brew has not retired from the NFL or New Orleans Saints yet. At 41 years old, however, it’s doubtful he continues to play much longer. This means, sadly, that whatever college football season we have in 2020 will most likely have Doug in the booth with Mike Tirico instead of Simms, or Brees — or our beloved Brady Quinn.

Twitter @bridgetgoirish