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Will there be a college football season for Notre Dame in 2020?

It’s a question with no real answer

irish guard notre dame Mike Miller/One Foot Down

We’re a little over two weeks into the massive nationwide quarantine (at one level or another) because of the coronavirus. As we continually try to stay upbeat about the prospects of a college football season in 2020 and look forward to the day the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are back on the field — we have to at least accept the reality that there may not actually be a season in 2020.

A lot of us have tip-toed around it these past few weeks, and have somewhat pretended that the elephant isn’t in the room — or in our house — but it most certainly is, and it’s big. The media is doing their best to get some type of clarity to a question that can’t really be answered right now.

Watch Stadium’s Brett McMurphy contacted 130 Athletic Directors in the FBS to try and get their thoughts on the 2020 season’s chances, and it was at least somewhat optimistic. Only one-fifth of the AD’s believe the season has, at worst, a 50% chance of not being played.

Maybe some of the optimism is because they HAVE to be optimistic about the situation. College football is so ridiculously vital to many school’s economic situation, that the loss of revenue would be killer.

“There better be (a season) or many programs will be out of business,” an athletic director said.

“Quite simply,” added another AD, “it would be devastating.”

Another AD was more direct: “If there’s no season, we will be f*****.”

ND Insider’s Eric Hansen spoke one-on-one with Notre Dame Athletic Director, Jack Swarbrick, and he too was fairly optimistic about the 2020 college football season.

“I remain optimistic. I don’t know that you have any other choice.”

According to Swarbrick, the game in Ireland to start the season against the Navy Midshipmen is moving forward — for now. (Check out Eric’s story for more from Jack).

When will we know more?

Brian Kelly has famously stated that the program would need to start training no later than July 1 to start the season on time, and that’s a fair assessment according to most people, but it may take two more months to find out if that July 1 date is even doable.

Hang tight

If you’re stressing out about the 2020 season and if there will even be a season, just keep in mind how players and coaches must be dealing with this anxiety right now. Of course we all want a season, and I think being optimistic is a good course of action — but we all have to be realistic as well.

No one knows how much longer this COVID-19 pandemic is going to last, or how the country will move forward once things are “safe.” You can do your part by practicing your social-distancing as best as possible, and following the other guidelines the CDC has released.

We’re in this together, and OFD will be here for you to soften the blows as best as possible — and here for the bomb ass celebration for when this is all over.