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NCAA grants extra year of eligibility to athletes in a spring sport

Winter is gone

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One of the biggest questions about college athletics in the age of coronavirus, has been what will happen with the spring sport athletes that had most of their seasons cancelled due to the pandemic? Is this it for the seniors — or will the NCAA provide some options?

We got the NCAA’s decision today after the Division 1 council met. The Council decided to grant a waiver to allow spring athletes to have an extra year of eligibility.

Essentially, it extends the 5 year clock on scholarships by one year. It also increased the roster limit for baseball, which is the only spring sport that has a limit on those numbers.

The Council also made the decision to not do the same with winter sports — despite the abrupt end with no championships.

We will have to see how Notre Dame Fighting Irish programs like baseball end up looking like as they move forward — what a start for Link Jarrett!