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GAME WATCH LIVE THREAD: 2009 Notre Dame VS Michigan State

Game 1 of an internet double-header is the Battle for the Megaphone

WELCOME TO GAMEDAY FRIENDS! There’s no need to beat around the bush on this, so let’s get right to it.

Below is the video for a YouTube Premiere stream for the 2009 game between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Michigan State Spartans. If you would rather watch it on YouTube HERE IS THE DIRECT LINK. It will go live at 2:00 PM EST

You can chat with us in the comment section below, and if you haven’t joined OFD yet — the box is in the upper right of this page and it’s super easy (and free and painless).

We think this is a fantastic game from the Charlie Weis era, and a really good start to a good Notre Damey day on the internet. Tonight at 7:30, Notre Dame will be doing a game watch with their 2015 game against the Texas Longhorns on Facebook. HERE IS THE DIRECT LINK TO THAT FACEBOOK ACCOUNT.

If you need a bit more of a primer, Pat and I have you covered:

We hope everyone has some fun with this — GO IRISH!