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Notre Dame Football: While you’re practicing social distancing, Brian Polian is coaching the world

We need more special teams in our life.

brian polian notre dame football recruiting Mike Miller/One Foot Down

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish coaching staff figured out that the world needs real football things in their lives right now.

Irish Special Teams and Recruiting Coordinator, Brian Polian hopped on social media on Sunday to give a quick lesson about the GRAB AND WRAP in punt coverage:

It went over so well (for obvious reasons) that Polian jumped back on our favorite social media medium to give another special teams lesson with the PUSH THE TRICEP DRILL:

These short lessons from Polian went over so well, that I have no doubt it’s part of the reason Notre Dame and Brian Kelly are launching the “Notre Dame Minute.”

Way to be a leader out here Polian!

There’s almost no way any of you will miss this stuff if you’re not on social media as the entire Notre Dame beat needs stuff to write and publish — so you’ll see it all over soon enough.