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The Blocker of Bulldogs

St. Patrick Connaughton
Brendan McAlinden

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! Obviously this year is wildly different than what normally goes down — but at least you heathens won’t be drinking green beer by the gallon (seriously WTF is wrong with you?).

Most of us are celebrating at home, and yes... I just poured my first drink of the day.

What are you and your families doing today? What are you eating, and what are you drinking — OH MY GOD IT’S AN ANTI-PREVIEW!

I do hope all of you out there are doing well, and I hope that our little corner of the internet is able to offer you some type of escape from the insane world we are living in right now. Please use this thread to share any of your St. Patrick’s Day stuff you’re doing with your family — as well as just about anything else you want to share about your new life. We’re here to listen, and to raise a glass to the awesomeness that is you my Notre Dame Fighting Irish friends.