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Ten Notre Dame Games to Watch While You Social Distance Yourself To Avoid COVID-19

We got you in this very weird time in our lives

NCAA Basketball: ACC Tournament-Boston College vs Notre Dame
Mutton shooting away the No Sports Blues
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Truly a Very Sad Time

I hope everyone out there is staying safe and healthy. This is such a weird time with so much uncertainty. And, on top of compromised health and having to social distance ourselves for an undetermined amount of time, we have now lost sports. This is coming at almost no worse time with March Madness about to begin. All sports are now just gone for a while, and it is VERY depressing. COVID-19/Coronavirus caused basically all sports to shut down.

NEVER FEAR, though. Matty G’s got you all. For Irish fans, I wanted to compile a list of 10 Notre Dame Fighting Irish sports contests to watch in this time when no sports are on, when you have to social distance, and when you need some smiles/good memories. This list IS NOT my ranking of these events in Notre Dame history. It is a list of ten games to watch when you need a pick-me-up, and they are really in no particular order. I tried my best to get you the videos to the whole games, too.

NCAA Football: Ball State at Notre Dame
This is me when I watch the games on this list
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The List

  1. 2017 ND Football vs. USC

Starting the list off with one that is probably a personal favorite of a lot of Irish fans. This was just a glorious night when we absolutely smoked USC at home during a classic October gameday.

2. 1993 ND Football vs. FSU

The Game of the Century. We here at OFD recognize the Irish as 1993 National Champions, and this game is the reason why. Enjoy this absolutely classic contest.

This isn’t included in the above condensed version, but we have to include the intro to this game, probably the greatest intro to a televised football game ever.

3. 2015 ND MBB vs. Duke

This one is one of my personal favorite ND sports moments. This was a battle of a game, and this game I believe cemented that special 2015 basketball team as one that you do not want to mess with. Also, I have rarely been in a more hyped sporting event environment than in Purcell Pavilion that night. That game ended about 9 PM, and I was so amped I couldn’t fall asleep until like 3 AM that night.

4. 2018 ND Football vs. Michigan

This one was just plain fun. It kicked off a magical season. Also the FINKE Moss move.

5. 2018 ND WBB National Semifinal vs. UConn

I couldn’t get the whole game video, but you can at least see the end and Arike’s first of her icy veins.

6. 1988 ND Football vs. Miami

Really no explanation needed here.

7. 2018 ND WBB National Championship vs. Mississippi State

Ogunbowale.......for the win........GOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDD. The second icy vein.

8. 2012 ND Football vs. Oklahoma

What a glorious game and win in Norman. Enjoy the ride. This has been argued as the best win of the Brian Kelly era, and you all can see why.

9. 2015 ND MBB ACC Championship vs. UNC

The comeback. Winning the conference in Year 2. One of the best things I’ve ever witnessed in person. Couldn’t get the full game here either, but you can see the comeback and the celebration.

10. 2014 ND Football vs. Michigan

You all know. What a BEAUTIFUL day this was. Remember the Six.

If you have other ones I did not add, please do comment which ones you watch to make you feel better and give you chills/the best memories of being an Irish fan. Stay safe and healthy, people.