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OFD Podcast: What should Notre Dame football give up?

Losing big games is an obvious one that we didn’t quite touch

ofd podcast Brendan McAlinden

Josh, Jude, and Brendan are pretty jazzed up after a solid weekend of Notre Dame Fighting Irish athletics. So jazzed up that we are ready to celebrate lent RIGHT AWAY.

In this episode we mostly discuss:

  • What should Notre Dame football give up for lent (and forever)?
  • Jude offers a studious response.
  • Josh lays down an emotional rant for clarity.
  • Brendan gets technical with X’s and O’s.

And there’s plenty more weaved in and out throughout the podcast such as:

  • Hoops.
  • Recruiting coverage.
  • The proper way to eat pasta.
  • Taking your kids to a Notre Dame football game - like what’s the best way?

And again... much more.

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