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Notre Dame Hockey: Irish get it done 2-1 over Michigan in Ann Arbor


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The University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish took on the University of Michigan Wolverines Friday and brought that characteristic discipline to the table to lock in a 2-1 victory.

First Period

Notre Dame fans did not see their guys get on the board in the first period, but the Irish ended the first 20 minutes with 10 shots on goal to top the Wolverines’ 8. However, the offensive momentum was not enough to snap the current Irish pattern of shaky first periods. Michigan’s Will Lockwood headed to the box for tripping, but the Irish could not capitalize on the power play goal opportunity and the period came to a scoreless close.

Second Period

It was the Wolverines who outshot the Irish in the second period. Michigan claimed 12 while Notre Dame had 8. Each team played with a greater sense of urgency, but even as both the Wolverines and Irish had room for a power play goal, the game remained scoreless heading into the third period.

Third Period

The third period was all about the Irish. Cam Morrison put his team on the board to make it 1-0 Irish not even five minutes in. Matt Hellickson snagged the second Irish goal less than three minutes later to double the lead. The Wolverines responded by pulling goaltender Strauss Mann. The move was not enough to catch up to the Irish, but Michigan’s Jacob Hayhurst smashed Notre Dame’s shutout hopes in the last minute with a goal and it ended 2-1 Irish.

Game Summary


Notre Dame: Cam Morrison at 4:05 in the 3rd with assists from Michael Graham and Alex Steeves

Notre Dame: Matt Hellickson at 7:31 in the 2nd with assist from Michael Graham

Michigan: Jacob Hayhurst at 19:17 in the 3rd with assists from Jake Slaker and Will Lockwood


Michigan: Will Lockwood for tripping at 13:11 in the 1st

Notre Dame: TEAM for too many men on the ice with Alex Steeves serving at 13:18 in the 2nd

Notre Dame: Jesse Lansdell for boarding at 15:32 in the 2nd

Michigan: Luke Martin for high sticking at 17:52 in the 2nd


Notre Dame: Cale Morris, 34 saves

Michigan: Strauss Mann 26 saves

Moving Forward

The Irish and Wolverines will hit the ice again Saturday in Ann Arbor at 4:00 p.m ET. Catch the action on TV on Big Ten Network.

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