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Notre Dame destroyed by Duke 94-60 in Cameron Indoor Arena

A poor effort

NCAA Basketball: Notre Dame at Duke Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish traveled to North Carolina to take on the Duke Blue Devils in a game of college basketball.

That’s the only sentence I can write before I want to start punching holes in the wall. The Irish, of course, were blown out of Cameron Indoor arena in embarrassing fashion, 94-60.

I mean... what is there to say? The Irish shot 36% from the field and 23% from three point land while Duke shot 56% and 45% respectively. Notre Dame also turned it over 14 times — all in front of a rabid Duke crowd that was juiced up by a visit from a freshman dropout.

Juwan Durham led Notre Dame with 21 points to match the 21 from Duke’s Vernon Carey. It was a surprise offensive output from the big guy, but on a day when Prentiss Hubb scored 6 and T.J. Gibbs had ZERO (0-7) it was absolutely needed to remain “respectable.” John Mooney didn’t get his usual double double, but did score 19 points along with 9 boards.

Notre Dame’s starting guards scored a combined 6 points for the day (all from Hubb). On a day when the Irish absolutely needed to get a good number of points from outside the 3 point line, shots just were not dropping in the bucket.

It was a really bad day in what has now become a bad season. That’s all I got. Feel free to vent below.