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Notre Dame Hockey: Irish Tie With Minnesota on Valentine’s Day

The Gophers wasted no time setting the tone.

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The Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers took the ice in South Bend Friday for one intense Valentine’s Day game. However, it was Irish fans dealing with some slightly broken hearts when they didn’t see that W for which they cheered so hard. The two teams tied, but it was Minnesota that snagged the extra point in the conference standings.

First Period

Those gathered in Compton Family Ice Arena saw the Gophers appear to take over the rink like it were Bushwood Country Club. Not even 30 seconds in, Scott Reedy put Minnesota on the board with the first goal of the game. Blake McLaughlin later nabbed another goal for the visitors to bring it to 2-0 Minnesota. The Irish used the second half of the period to drive to take control. Notre Dame’s Colin Theisen scored his team’s first goal of the matchup not even two minutes after McLaughlin’s goal and the period concluded with some Irish momentum.

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Second Period

The Irish took this kick and ran with it into the second and Nick Leivermann tied the game to bring it to 2-2. Notre Dame’s Cam Morrison kept it going, scored a goal and earned the Irish a 3-2 lead.

Third Period

Minnesota’s Sammy Walker shot down the Irish momentum about halfway through the third period with a goal to bring it to a 3-3 tie. The remaining half of the period was scoreless and the two squads headed to OT.


The tie remained.

Second OT

Same thing.


Minnesota’s Brannon McManus claimed the extra point in the conference standings with his final goal in the shootout.

Game Summary


Minnesota: Scott Reedy at 00:28 in the 1st, with assist from Blake McLaughlin

Minnesota: Blake McLaughlin at 13:00 in the 1st, with assists from Sammy Walker and Scott Reedy

Notre Dame: Colin Theisen at 14:36 in the 1st with assists from Mike O’Leary and Tory Dello

Notre Dame: Nick Leivermann at 03:04 in the 2nd with assists from Cam Burke and Matt Hellickson

Notre Dame: Cam Morrison at 15:26 in the 2nd with assists from Cal Burke and Spencer Stastney

Minnesota: Sammy Walker at 10:13 in the 3rd with assists from Matt Staudacher and Garrett Wait


Minnesota: Sammy Walker for slashing at 17:23 in the 1st

Notre Dame: Michael Graham for hooking at 04:32 in the 2nd

Minnesota: Blake McLaughlin for slashing at 08:18 in the 2nd

Notre Dame: Tory Dello for cross-checking at 08:18 in the 2nd

Minnesota: Ryan Johnson for hooking at 15:13 in the 2nd

Notre Dame: Alex Steeves for tripping at 17:45 in the 2nd

Notre Dame: Mike O’Leary for slashing at 05:51 in the 3rd

Notre Dame: Alex Steeves for high-sticking at 17:34 in the 3rd

Notre Dame: Nate Clurman for interference at 02:12 in 2nd OT


Notre Dame: Cale Morris, 35 saves

Minnesota: Jack LaFontaine, 43 saves

Moving Forward

The two teams will meet again Sunday at 6 p.m. ET in South Bend. To catch the game, watch on TV with NBC Sports Chicago+ or NBC Sports Philadelphia+ or stream online with NBC Sports.

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