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Stupid boyfriend breaks up with girl and puts her love of Notre Dame at the top of his list of reasons why

Did someone in your family actually die?


Are any of y’all in a relationship? I assume that most of you either are in a serious relationship, or have been at one point or another in your life. I’m also sure that there are quite a few of you that have been in an argument (real or concocted) with your partner about the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football program.

It’s hard to find someone who is as equally dedicated to Irish fandom as yourself. Sure, they may be a fan and call themselves “diehards” or whatever — but are they even close to your level?

Maybe not.

Still, this is usually something that is pretty out in the open from the beginning — so why would anyone expect a change? Why, if love is involved, should it even matter?

This all leads to this tweet on Tuesday night from Twitter pal Kate.

A few quick notes before we move forward:

  1. Steve is not the name of the ex
  2. Steve is Kate’s husband — and they’re about to have a baby
  3. This guy made a list
  4. This guy made a list ABOUT THINGS HE DOESN’T LIKE ABOUT HER

Holy shit.

Kate’s tweet has since gone viral, and for good reason. It’s absolutely insane — and yet somehow so ridiculously relatable to many of you out there.

18 hours into all of this, it’s still on the minds of our fellow OFDers and invaded our Slack:

(God bless Brendan and his brilliance).

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I just wanted to make sure you saw how this Notre Dame love story worked — obviously for the better — SO MUCH BETTER.

Congratulations to Kate and Steve on their marriage and upcoming birth of their first child. It all sounds a lot better than dating some douche.