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Notre Dame Fighting Irish VS Clemson Tigers: ACC Championship Weather Report

Still not like South Bend in the first week of November

Just sweeping a certain rock on ice...
Brendan McAlinden

Notre Dame travels to Charlotte, North Carolina, to take on the Clemson Tigers in the ACC Championship. This continues the remarkable story about Notre Dame in the ACC that began back when this one year deal was announced.Notre Dame football has a chance to win a conference title for the first (and likely) only time in history — and the immediate future.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish beat Clemson in the game of the year back in South Bend in November. The 47-40 classic wasn’t without a few annoying storylines after the game about who wasn’t wearing a Clemson uniform — but it also saw ridiculously mild weather for November in South Bend.

So I say it cancels out.

On this Saturday, the weather shouldn’t impact the game at all.

With a 4:00 PM game, the sun will disappear pretty quickly, but the temps won’t fall that far or very fast. In fact, this is perfect football weather for like an October day in the midwest — that just so happens to be a December day in the south.