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Former Notre Dame offensive lineman Taylor Dever, dead at 31

Notre Dame nation mourns the loss of a Loyal Son

Navy v Notre Dame

It’s a sad day for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. On Friday, the University released a statement about the death of former offensive lineman Taylor Dever.

“Our Notre Dame football family lost a brother earlier this week with the passing of Taylor Dever.

Taylor was a kind and affable person. He was also a player who grinded away for three seasons before becoming a starter in his fourth and fifth seasons. He was respected in our locker room and will be missed by many.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his parents, Tom and Lori, and his sister, Megan.”

Dever was a part of the 2007 recruiting class for Notre Dame and came from Nevada City, California. He spent 5 years with the Irish — the first three under Charlie Weis and the last two with Brian Kelly where he developed into a starter.

For all of us at OFD, I’d like to express our deepest sympathies to Taylor’s family, friends, teammates, and the rest of the Notre Dame family that mourns this loss.

Taylor Dever was only 31.