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The Triple Option: The Notre Dame slander continues — but it ain’t Jack’s fault

Here for a few things and then it’s pre-signing day / pre-championship nap time

Brendan McAlinden

It’s been a weird week for me. News about the Notre Dame Fighting Irish has been pretty steady, but it’s been fairly light here at One Foot Down (or rather — lighter). To be perfectly honest, I needed a wee bit of a breather, and with the regular season behind us — well I saw an opportunity.

This weekend, I plan on taking an even bigger breath of air as we get ready for a wild ass week. Wednesday starts the early signing period, and the Irish take on the Clemson Tigers for the ACC Championship. While I have mastered the art of overextending myself, it’s going to be nuts.

Hopefully it will get LESS nuts when the OFD Twitter account is freed from restricted hell.

Before we get into next week though, I do want to take a little time to play catch-up with some of the stuff from this week that I didn’t bring to the site. So let’s breakout the old playbook for the triple option.


I suppose we should be used to ridiculous hot takes when it comes to Notre Dame Football, but the win over the #1 ranked Clemson Tigers was supposed to change that narrative. Well... it didn’t do anything to 247’s Brandon Marcello, and he doubles down with nonsense.


Brady Quinn delivered the “Your welcome” statement that Jack Swarbrick just isn’t able to do (but he should).

Speaking of Jack... his wardrobe has gone FULL #goacc. The wine and cheese tailgate is this country’s best kept secret.


Our friend Greg Flammang over at UHND put together a great piece about Notre Dame’s goaline offense — with sexy rushing touchdown greatness. Grab some water and eat a banana — and then check this out.


Remember Brian Kelly’s first season in South Bend? Well, stop remembering and enter you submission below.


It was a scary week for former Irish defensive lineman Louis Nix A.K.A. Irish Chocolate. Nix was shot while putting air in his tire, and stream an Instagram Live post of his ride in the ambulance.

The bullet bounced off of his sternum and lodged in his lung, and while critical — one of our all-time faves should be fine in time.

And while your prayers for him to make it through are working, please send a few more up for his emotional recovery as well. These type of things have a tendency to haunt victims long after their body has healed.