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Notre Dame RALLIED to beat #1 Clemson — here’s the shirt

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For your home green out consideration

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The Notre Dame Fighting Irish took down the #1 ranked Clemson Tigers in incredible fashion on Saturday night. The mantra for Notre Dame this year has been RALLY and down a touchdown with 1:48 left and 91 yards to go... Notre Dame did just that (and then a couple more times in double overtime).

This is a historic win, and it will go down as one of the greatest in Irish history — get the shirt to celebrate and show how much you appreciate Notre Dame breaking the narrative with this offering from Breaking T.


  • $28

Down a touchdown late in the fourth to the No. 1-ranked team in the country? RALLY.

Gold and navy print on a super-comfortable kelly green tee.

Premium, lightweight blended crewneck (60% cotton/40% polyester). Durable, yet ultra-soft.

Unisex sizing with a snug fit.

Designed by Nick Torres.

Screened in the USA.

It was a magical night inside Notre Dame Stadium, and I can’t wait to talk about everything that made it that way. Notre Dame RALLIED for a big win to beat the NUMBER ONE TEAM IN THE COUNTRY. Don’t dismiss any of it and be sure to celebrate ALL of it.

The Boston College Eagles are up next — but we have this right now.