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Notre Dame VS Clemson game will be shown on USA Network during Joe Biden speech

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Clemson v Notre Dame Photo by Matt Cashore-Pool/Getty Images

The Presidential race has been called and Joe Biden Jr. will be the 46th President of the United States. Biden and running mate Kamala Harris will appear in prime time on Saturday night for a victory speech, and this will interrupt the broadcast of the game between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Clemson Tigers on NBC.

At 7:55, the game will be shown on the USA Network during the duration of the speech. Once the speech is over with, NBC will pick the game back up. If you have the USA Network, you will be able to watch the game in its entirety.

It’s a wild day for Notre Dame as they had massive coverage on campus and inside the stadium due to ESPN’s College Gameday was on location there, and now they will appear on 2 different networks because of a Presidential election.

If there are any more updates or changes to this schedule, we will be sure to post on OFD.