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Game Thread: #4 Notre Dame Fighting Irish VS #1 Clemson Tigers

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It’s time to do the thing

Brendan McAlinden

Has anyone said anything about the Notre Dame Fighting Irish playing the Clemson Tigers today? For as much as I complained about the Notre Dame beat making everything about the Clemson game — at least they have a clue. I made a conscious decision to not read or watch much of anything from the national media about the game — but did catch a few things via podcast and boredom late Friday night. I gotta tell ya... wtf are they smoking?

It’s not the predictions about a Notre Dame loss — it’s the reasons given. These dudes barely named a player outside of Ian Book, and when speaking of the defense... it was like Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah and Kyle Hamilton are just some random numbers out there because I never heard their names.

I’m sure it was a small sample size, but the laziness involved here is something special. And that’s without whatever ESPN’s College Gameday crew has — or will — say. I’m so ready to get this thing going.


When: Gameday starts at 9 AM EST & the game is at 7:30 PM EST
Where: Notre Dame Stadium BAYBEEEE!
How to Watch: ESPN for Gameday and NBC for — you know — the game


The game thread is open below. I know many of us are on Twitter for most of the game, but I encourage you to vent and do other things that require more than 280 characters here.

Brendan McAlinden