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Notre Dame Football Haiku and Limerick Too: Irish VS Clemson Tigers

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Big games have 17 syllables

IT’S BACK! Sometime last year I decided that instead of straining every week for solid Notre Dame Fighting Irish haikus and limericks, this post would be reserved for big games. That thought included: the season opener, Wisconsin Badgers, USC Trojans, and obviously... the Clemson Tigers.

So — really — all we have on those terms is this game. SO LET’S FOOOOOOKING GOOOOO!


Big game Coach BK
Not something we are used to
2 point conversion

Clemson quarterback
Full name is impossible
Not Trevor Lawrence

Say “Irish wear green”
Looks around and sees nothing

I am running out of hours in the day, so please forgive the fact that I’m not going to lay down a well thought limerick — but you absolutely should.

Jump into the comment section and give us your best haikus and limericks. At some point I’ll unleash a limerick or two.