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Notre Dame Football: Brian Kelly loves watching Tommy Tremble play

It’s a physical love

Notre Dame Fighting Irish Vs. Boston College Eagles At Alumni Stadium Photo by Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Brian Kelly held court for his game week press conference on Monday as the Notre Dame Fighting Irish prepare to go on the road again to take on the #25 North Carolina Tar Heels in ACC action.

This is the biggest test left for Notre Dame on their regular season schedule, and a lot of people like to point out the point-scoring power of the Tar Heels with Sam Howell at quarterback. I simply like to point out that Notre Dame is one of the most physical teams in the country, and that kind of physicality ends up winning games with one gut punch aftre another.

One of the best gut punches that Notre Dame has is tight end turned fullback Tommy Tremble. While he doesn’t have a stat line that sticks out to casual viewers, he stands out on the field week after week with his intense blocking power which adds to the effectiveness of Notre Dame’s offense — as well as providing that extra edge/swagger/physical dominance.

Brian Kelly loves it.

“Tommy Tremble should be spotlighted for the way he blocks and the ferocity, if that’s a word, in which he does that. He plays so fast, he plays so aggressive, he finishes his blocks, and I just think it’s a lost art in so many instances, when it when we talk about the game of football. When people see that, it really stands out. I know for the aficionados of the game, they love watching that and I love watching it. The more Tommy Tremble, give me more, I love watching him play.”

Tommy stands out, but the physical approach to the game is infectious as Notre Dame’s receivers are also down to do the dirty work out there on the field too.

“There’s a demeanor. Those guys are physical. They exert a presence out there of physicality, which is seen on film. Those guys will block your tail off and then they have the ability to go up and get the football. I think you add that dimension. When you watch them on film, the first thing that jumps off is these guys will do the dirty work. Then when the ball is thrown their way, they’re gonna fight for it. So, add that to winning one on one matchups. Avery Davis has got the ability to run after the catch, the tight ends, the running backs coming out of the backfield, and you have a very good balance within what you’re trying to put together offensively. We’re not five wides, we’re not all over the field, but we have established our DNA in terms of what we want to look like and it starts with being physical.”

I love it — and you should too.

You can watch the entire Brian Kelly press conference in the player below.