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Notre Dame Fighting Irish VS Clemson Tigers: Weather Report

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Not quite the average night in South Bend

Mike Miller/One Foot Down

On Saturday, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish finally get to the filet mignon of their schedule when they host the Clemson Tigers for a prime time game. ESPN’s College Gameday will be there for this top 4 matchup which will be one of the most highly anticipated games of the last 15 years for Notre Dame.

One of the more enticing things about this game for Irish fans, is getting a southern team to South Bend for a November game — for real football weather. Unfortunately, this will feel more like late September than early November.

The day itself will be gorgeous and full of sunshine and warmth. Perhaps a bigger kick in the balls than the sun and warmth is that this is still 2020, and the all day tailgating fun won’t be there on campus. I mean — think of what could have been. It would have looked like the Michigan game in 2018 without everyone drenched in pure sweat because that was HOT AS BALLS.

Once the sun goes down on Saturday, it only becomes slightly cooler and falls even more into the category of “perfect football weather.”

If anything here sticks out at all in terms of “not perfect” than maybe it’s the winds. There will be a steady breeze for most of the game with a slight uptick with wind gusts.

Of course... this is the midwest, and weather can (and will) change drastically from day to day. It’s why stations don’t fire meteorologists around here — because there guarantee to be wrong all the time is expected. So, perhaps we will take another closer look later in the week and see if God wants to change anything up.

This isn’t normal (as I’m sure you already know). 1991 was a delightful time to be alive.