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Notre Dame Football: Brian Kelly still loves his Irish rivalry trophies

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And I love him

ICON via @NDfootball Twitter

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish released their ICON video for the win against the Boston College Eagles, and there was something oh so familiar about it all... there’s Brian Kelly chugging something from another rivalry trophy. This time it was a yellow liquid from the Frank Leahy Memorial Bowl Trophy while the Ireland Trophy hung out in the background.

God bless him.

In the lockers after the win over BC, Brian Kelly tossed out a nice bit of shade:

“Where are those damn trophies that they were so interested in us bringing?”

As if he wasn’t craving the hardware fun...

The Irish have a hefty handful of rivalry trophies, and Brian Kelly loves all of them so much he had a special trophy case made for them to sit outside of his office in the Gug. We’ve seen him dance around like a crazy person with the Megaphone Trophy for the game against the Michigan State Spartans. He highlights the Jeweled Shillelagh each year when the Irish play the USC Trojans, and multiple chugs have been recorded of him with the Legends Trophy after wins over the Stanford Cardinal.

He loves them.

As much as I would like the trophies to be a part of the game experience by being out on the field for post-game shenanigans, I am delighted that these pieces of hardware get the love and respect they deserve from BK in the locker.

While many of you may think these things are dumb and meaningless — college football IS a dumb sport full of meaningless things — and it’s why it’s the greatest sport in the universe.