"In the Wake of the News" This is a Team

As the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame walked off the field victorious tonight in Chestnut Hill, Ma. There is much upon which to reflect. First and foremost this team exercised the demons from 27 years ago when BC beat the Irish a week after they beat number one Florida State. Alas, that disastrous outcome did not repeat itself this evening and I hope we do not have to be reminded of that bloody game for a long time. In my humble opinion, I see many things on this football team that all teams strive to have. That is the two "C’s" cohesiveness and chemistry. It’s a special thing that too seldom happens in team sports and when you can see it play out incrementally as the season moves forward, it’s truly special.

The great fundamental blocking you see from Kyren Williams on pass protection, the run blocking by Tommy Tremble, Brock Wright and Michael Mayer comes from several elements. Yes, talent and coaching have much to do with it but it’s my contention and experience to say these great results are born out of the cohesiveness and chemistry on this team which is truly special. You can also see this all over the defensive unit too. The foundation upon which this is all built is our offensive line. The big lads upfront are the quiet calm steadfast unit that gives Ian Book the time to paint his masterpiece. A masterpiece whose composition is becoming clearer by each game. The only way this composition becomes a masterpiece is with the two "C’s". I believe this team really likes one another and pulls for one another. It is so great to to learn a life lesson from these young men on how to pull together and live, work and play. Especially during this dangerous pandemic. I hope this team will be rewarded for all their hard work and togetherness. It’s been a helluva ride so far!

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