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Notre Dame Football: Brendon Clark’s mullet is absolutely amazing

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This is everything — watch its creation

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

While much of the talk about tomorrow’s game between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Boston College Eagles revolves around Ian Book and Phil Jurkovec — there’s something else that underlines this game.

Phil left Notre Dame for Chestnut Hill because he wasn’t going to start over Ian Book — this is a fact. One OTHER reason is that sophomore Brendon Clark was reportedly better than Phil in practice as well. It would have been very likely that had Phil stayed — he would be third on the depth chart behind Book and Clark. I mean... Phil contemplated changing positions and you just don’t do that if you’re a number 2.

What makes Brendon Clark so good? Sure, he’s a tough kid with a strong arm and a compact and quick release, but is there something else? Could it be — I don’t know — his very Samsonesque hair?

Quite simply, Clark has a gorgeous mullet that anyone from 1987 would have sold their soul to the devil for if they could rock it for just a while.

Here’s Clark putting it all together with a cut and style from @julioscutz over at his (owner) @exclusivestudiosinc for the glory of college football: