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The Anti-Preview: #2 Notre Dame Fighting Irish VS Boston College Eagles

Old-ass seafood

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Brendan McAlinden

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are having themselves a little bit of a season. Just weeks after fans and media started to write Notre Dame off as just another good team because of the clunker against Louisville, all of a sudden the Irish are legit national championship contenders after taking down #1 Clemson.

I’m totally serious.

The confidence and execution that Ian Book and his receivers showed against Clemson was the “missing piece” that had everyone worried.

So stop worrying. This team is good enough to do exactly what we want them to do, and no dumbass “curse” from 27 years ago can change that — so stop worrying.

Boston College Eagles

To be perfectly honest, this 5-3 BC team is outperforming any expectation I had for them this season. To be even more honest, a big reason for that is because Phil Jurkovec is playing better than any expectation I had for him.

But it’s still a very strange 5-3. They barely beat Texas State, lost close to both North Carolina and Clemson — and won close games over Pitt and most recently Syracuse.

This isn’t a good football team — they’re okay, but they can’t run the football and play clunky defense. If you want to know more — I’m sorry — but I’m going to have to direct you to the OFD Podcast embedded below.

What should you be drinking?

Boston — it’s in New England. You know what I think of when someone says “New England”? I think of England, and unsurprisingly, I then shift my mind towards gin — but not this week. It’s Bass time and here’s my favorite review of the beer (like it’s the best review).

What should you be eating?

I was headed down a path towards some incredible seafood choices this week, and finally managed to get it down to two:

  • Fish and Chips with Clam Chowder
  • Lobster Rolls with Clam Chowder

I’m probably going to eat all of it — but if I HAD to choose one for this week, I am absolutely craving a lobster roll right now.

What should you be wearing?

If we’re going to be technical here, then beat you chests my friends.


  • $28

Down a touchdown late in the fourth to the No. 1-ranked team in the country? RALLY.

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HOWEVER... if you want to tell witchcraft and sorcery to fuck the fuck off... proudly show off your 1993 National Championship gear.

Notre Dame: 1993 National Champions

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Notre Dame ACTUALLY lays claim to 21 national championships. 1993 was the last one — celebrate it!

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3 reasons to hate Boston College

  • Bill Romanowski talking about making a fist as a team, or whatever, right before a Notre Dame / BC game that the Irish ran away with.
  • Ever losing to a school well known as Backup College because it’s insulting AF.
  • Doug Flutie because that is some wild ass shit. That is some terrible ass shit.

At the end of the day...

This doesn’t have to be close. I understand why people have started to throw around the “trap game” stuff — but this is an incredibly mature Notre Dame team. From top to bottom on offense, the Irish have guys like Ian Book, Liam Eichenberg, Robert Hainsey, and others to help “business trip” this thing to death. And the offensive side of the ball is where this needs to stay consistent. This doesn’t have to be close, IRISH 37-10.