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Boston College will wear white “Red Bandana” uniforms; Notre Dame should wear the greens

Break them out for Frank!

Phil staring at his arm bush.

From the looks of the Boston College Eagles Twitter account, Saturday’s game against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish will be a “Red Bandana Game” which comes with special uniforms.

If you don’t have any idea what these Red Bandana uniforms are about, here’s a quick reason why:

Boston College’s annual “Red Bandana” game honors the life of BC alumni, Welles Crowther, who was killed on 9/11 while rescuing people in the World Trade Center’s south tower. Crowther was remembered as the man wearing a red bandana over his face to help him breathe through the smoke. Crowther helped to save 18 people from the south tower.

Personally, I think this is an awesome tradition at BC and a wonderful way to help remember an alum and hero of the country.

So... this means Notre Dame will have to wear its home uniform on the road — and I have an idea about that.

This game, besides being known as the “Holy War” in some circles, is also known as the Frank Leahy Memorial Bowl. Legendary Irish coach Frank Leahy was the head coach at Boston before his mighty reign in South Bend. His departure from Boston was quite something:

Although he had recently signed a contract renewal at Boston College, Leahy accepted the head coaching position at his alma mater, Notre Dame. He tried without success to get out of his BC contract. He pleaded to the school’s vice president. When that didn’t work, he went to the mayor of Boston. Then the governor of Massachusetts. Then, at a press conference, he told 50 reporters what the South Bend Tribune called “the biggest lie of his life”. Leahy stated: “Gentlemen I’ve called you all here today to inform you that I recently received my release from my coaching contract. With the release went the good wishes and benediction of Boston College.” Leahy stepped away, and the buzzing group of reporters battled for phone lines. A phone call came in for Leahy, and he took it. The vice president of Boston College was on the line. “Coach Leahy,” he barked. “You may go wherever you want, and whenever you want. Good-bye.”

It’s time the Irish honor Leahy — in the same way they honored Knute Rockne. Wear the green jerseys this week on the road. Today is Veteran’s Day, and remember — Frank was a veteran of WWII as a Lieutenant in the Navy from 1944 to 1945.

In all of Frank’s time at Notre Dame as a head coach, Notre Dame only wore blue jerseys during his first two years in 1941 and 1942. When 1943 cam around, The Master switched to green jerseys, and the Irish exclusively wore the greens until 1956.

Notre Dame Uniform History

It’s why I yearly go off on a random person or two that emphatically state that the blue uniforms are the tradition at Notre Dame — as if Frank Leahy and his 5 national championships as a coach (6 if you’re counting correctly) aren’t a major tradition.

In this game against Boston College, Notre Dame has a cool chance to honor Frank and the Irish fans in Boston with a simple green jersey. I mean... don’t you just have to do it? If you’re a believer in witchcraft, you’re probably freaking out about OMG THE GREEN AND BC (and also you are probably a witchy Jesuit) but there is simply no need for that kind of superstition.

Brian Kelly is a DEMON SLAYER so let him do his thing.

The end.

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