"In the Wake of the News" As Beno Cook used to say...

The late great Beno Cook, long-standing college football analyst used to say the four most pressure packed and toughest jobs in America are as follows: The President of the U.S., mayor of New York City, head coach of Notre Dame and the quarterback of Notre Dame! Wasn’t it great to see Brian Kelly and Ian Book get that, you’ll never win the big game monkey off there backs???? And as Coach Lou Holtz used to say that the pressure continues to mount with every victory. Well this week is no exception. It’s the "VATICAN BOWL" this Saturday in Chestnut Hill, Mass.! The pressure will be evident as this 2020 Irish squad needs to exercise the demons from the devastating 1993 loss at the hands of the scrappy Boston College Eagles. It promises to be a brawl. After all it’s not just the Vatican Bowl but BC’s Super Bowl. They will throw everything but the Jesuit motto at Notre Dame! I predict a hard fought victory for the Irish but they will earn every bit of it!

Thomas J. Frawley



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