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Notre Dame Football: Irish and Clemson stay at #4 and #1 in latest AP Top 25 and Coaches Poll

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Notre Dame VS Georgia Tech ACC Media

In the early afternoon on Saturday, there was a real concern if the Clemson Tigers were going to show up in South Bend on November 7 as the #1 team in the country when they face the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Clemson trailed the Boston College Eagles by 18 points during the game — and then they stormed back to claim a 34-28 win.

That close win without Trevor Lawrence on the field helped shift a lot of votes towards the Alabama Crimson Tide — but not enough.

Notre Dame still solidly sits at #4 after two blowout wins on the road, and now we have one of those classic top 5 (top 4 if you want to be real technical about it) inside Notre Dame Stadium.

What we have hoped for has finally come to pass for Notre Dame and Clemson as both teams are undefeated and forcing ESPN’s College Gameday to show up to make the stage even grander.

Just one more note... Notre Dame has not played a single team this season that is currently ranked OR one that received any votes this week. Playing the #1 team will be — it’s going to be different.