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Notre Dame VS Georgia Tech: Highlights, Post Game Video, and Replay

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Notre Dame VS Georgia Tech ACC Media

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish remain undefeated after a 31-13 win in Atlanta over the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. It was the third game in a row that Notre Dame held onto the football for over 5 minutes to end the game. That may not sound impressive — but it is, and I’m trying to make it a thing.


Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly looked a little annoyed after the game which seems normal with the biggest game of the year up next. Although Notre Dame dominated GT, there are certainly things they want to clean up — even on the defensive side of the ball which is one of the best on the country.

“Ah, yeah, I mean, we made some critical errors in the second half that we really don’t make. Too many 15-yard penalties. You know, look, we had one pressure where we were supposed to peel. We didn’t. Just some attention to detail things that we need to clean up. Some missed tackles. You know, we didn’t play a lot of snaps in the first half. We had a good stop in the first drive after a big play. And we come back offensively and score and, you know, make it 24-7. I thought that was a good, you know, a good transition there. But you know, it’s a really good defense. There’s no doubt. I mean, that’s a good offense. They’ve got some skilled players, they’ve put up a lot of points this year against a number of different opponents. I think if you ask Clark (Lea) and we played, there’s some things that we’ve got to clean up going into next week against a better opponent. And that’s how we feel about our defense.”


Daelin Hayes

Ian Book