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Notre Dame Football: COVID-19 testing update for the Irish

Now we’re fully updated — for now, because things change

Brendan McAinden

Hours after Brian Kelly’s press conference to start game week for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Florida State Seminoles, we got an update in regards to the COVID-19 testing within the football program.

To sum it up, Notre Dame had two new positive tests. The positives, however, were players already in isolation or quarantine. So, that means there are no new players that need to quarantine or go into isolation.

Currently there are 7 players in isolation and 4 players in quarantine for a total of 11 (math is fun). This is a far cry from the reported 39 players for the week of Wake Forest. The new results show that Notre Dame has contained the massive outbreak that occurred a couple of weeks ago.

Notre Dame released their depth chart on Monday afternoon, and as far as I am aware, the depth chart did not include any of the 11 players in isolation of quarantine.

We move forward.