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Notre Dame Football Recruiting: DE Commit David Abiara charged with criminal trespassing

News from Texas

David Abiara notre dame football
David Abiara

David Abiara, a 4-Star defensive end commit for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish from Mansfield Texas, was charged with criminal trespassing last week from an incident that allegedly occurred on September 27. This is according to the Star-Telegram.

Abiara and another high school player were:

“...booked on suspicion of burglary with intent to commit a felony, but the charges were filed on the lesser offense of trespassing, according to jail and court records.”

The lesser offense of trespassing is classified as a misdemeanor — which is particularly important as it pertains to Notre Dame. This is an ongoing case, and no verdict can be cast — but if Abiara is convicted of a misdemeanor, it probably doesn’t have the same impact as a felony conviction in the eyes of Notre Dame.

Without any details of the alleged incident, this is all we have right now. A commit has been charged with a misdemeanor and will have to be given due process.

Abiara has been committed to Notre Dame since this winter, but there was a huge push from the Oklahoma Sooners for a while. At one point, many thought David was going to end up at Oklahoma or with the Texas Longhorns, but over the last two months there has been a general feeling that he will be sticking to his pledge with the Irish.

We will have more details in the future should any come to light.