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Notre Dame VS Pittsburgh: Highlights, Player Interviews, and Condensed Game Replay

A blowout win means everyone eats their dinner

Notre Dame v Pittsburgh Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish spent their Saturday afternoon flipping the script on Pitt and the just about anyone that previewed this game. At no point this week did any outlet come close to predicting a 45-3 win over the Pittsburgh Panthers.

There was plenty of talk about these teams going strength on strength with the Irish rushing offense and the Pitt rushing defense. To be fair — that was absolutely a thing. Notre Dame didn’t get its usual 200+ yard game, but they didn’t abandon the run either as they chipped away at Pitt with 50 carries. It only netted 115 yards, but their persistence running the ball helped the Irish throw the daggers in the passing game.

And remember the Irish defense that was still being overlooked because of a lack of forced turnovers despite only allowing 11.5 points a game? Well, three interceptions (two of which by linebackers) definitely changes that tune.

It was a good performance from Notre Dame, and a timely one in terms of national narrative.




Ben Skowronek and Kurt Hinish