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SB Nation Reacts: Is Notre Dame really the 3rd best team in the country?

As fan confidence dwindles... maybe?

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Notre Dame found a way to survive the weekend against Louisville. But it didn’t come without some loss. Confidence among Irish fans has taken a hit.

In the latest SB Nation Reacts survey, Notre Dame fan confidence dipped to 76 percent. That’s a drop from 96 percent a week ago.

While the win didn’t do much for confidence, the Irish did bump up a spot in the Top 25 rankings for the week, to No. 3 in the country. However, national fans disagree with the ranking. Fans were asked who is the third best team in the country, behind Alabama and Clemson. The Ohio State Buckeyes earned the most votes with 43%. Well ahead of Georgia at 27% and Notre Dame at 17%.

Somewhat contradictory, while fans may think Ohio State is the third best team, they don’t believe they should be ranked just yet. The reacts survey asked if fans thought it was fair for Big Ten teams to be ranked in the Top 25 this week, before playing their first game, while more than half of the rest of the Power Five are already well into the season.

Big Ten teams aren’t the only ones making a surprise appearance in the latest Top 25. After pulling an upset victory, Coastal Carolina slid in at No. 25. The Chanticleers get the well-earned recognition, even if many have no idea what the school’s mascot is, actually.

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