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Notre Dame Football: MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE... SGT. Tim McCarthy has passed away

The king of dad jokes is no longer with us

If you’ve attended a home game for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish over the past 60 years, you absolutely know what comes after you hear, “MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE...”. For over 50 years Fort Wayne native Sgt. Tim McCarthy of the Indiana State Police was the traffic safety voice for Notre Dame Stadium, and dropped a high quality dad joke with each announcement.

Sadly, on Thursday night, Sgt. McCarthy died.

His 30 seconds each gameday was one of the most beloved and enjoyed part of the Notre Dame gameday experience, and even after his retirement, Notre Dame continues to play a recorded message of McCarthy’s — because it just wouldn’t be the same without it on a Saturday afternoon. He became part of the tradition for Notre Dame football, which means he will live in the hearts of fans and alumni forever.

Just remember friends, “The reason we hammer at safety … is to prevent you from getting nailed.”