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QUICK RECAP: Notre Dame outlasts Louisville 12-7 to stay undefeated

A win is a win isn’t what we were looking for today

Notre Dame vs Louisville ACC Media

That wasn’t the game we expected from the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. In what was a really bad offensive performance, Notre Dame was able to still beat the Louisville Cardinals 12-7.

Notre Dame took the first two drives inside the redzone without much difficulty, but completely stalled out and the Irish were forced to use Jonathan Doerer to knock in a couple of field goals to go up 6-0.

Late in the first half, the Irish once again found themselves stalling out inside the redzone, but instead of kicking the field goal to go up 9-0, Notre Dame attempted a fake field goal with Jay Bramblett that fell well short of the first down line inside the 5 yard line.

Louisville was feisty and came to play as they pestered and badgered a bewildered Ian Book all day with 4 sacks. It was enough to keep themselves in the game, and in the middle of the 3rd quarter Malik Cunningham connected with Marshon Ford for a TD to end an 83 yard drive and went out in front of the Irish 7-6.

Notre Dame was able to put another drive together late in the 3rd that ended with a 13 yard TD run from Ian Book to go up 12-7. Notre Dame took their final drive down inside the redzone once again (thanks in large part to Kyren Williams and his 124 yard day) and killed the clock.

And that’s it.

It was a brutal day offensively, but that should only highlight what the defense was able to do by holding Louisville to just 7 points and 219 yards.

We will have plenty more about this game on OFD.