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Notre Dame Fighting Irish VS Louisville Cardinals: Weather Report

Watch the leaves blow right by y’all

notre dame cheerleader megaphone Mike Miller/One Foot Down

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish get back to “normal” with the Louisville Cardinals in town. This Saturday ACC matchup is scheduled as a 2:30 game, so people that were going crazy about why the Irish played at night last week — well I guess they can breathe a little better.

We have finally arrived for full fall football splendor in South Bend and all around the midwest. The leaves are radiating their epic color schemes, and the air is finally starting to feel cool and crisp (mostly). On Saturday, the Irish will play on a mild — but non-chilly day.

After a frosty Friday night, game day gets a bit of warmer air overall.

The forecast calls for a high of 61 degrees, but the real feel will be in the mid-fifties. Part of that reason will be from the wind. With 20 mph winds, 28 mph gusts, and the best offensive line in college football — we should probably expect a big game on the ground.