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Notre Dame Fighting Irish VS Florida State Seminoles: Weather Report

So... this is football weather.

notre dame stadium at night Mike Miller/One Foot Down

Kickoff is set for 7:41 PM tonight as the Notre Dame Fighting Irish host the Florida State Seminoles. As it is anytime we get a southern team up to South Bend, we wish for some of that weather that their rosters fear so much during the recruiting process. Unfortunately the weather for this game... well it’s going to be gorgeous.

South Bend is going to reach a high of 75 degrees today with the sunshine going in and out (I’m guessing big fluffy clouds, but whatever). If this was a normal year, the tailgating would be incredible given the weather and the fact that it’s a night game.

So speaking of the nighttime, surely South Bend will cool off considerably during the game — right? Well, it sort of does. The winds will die down as kickoff temps are around 66 degrees, and the temps will drop to somewhere around 58 for the end of the game.

To put it bluntly... it’s perfect football weather all day and all night. It’s a lot different than FSU’s last trip to South Bend in 2018 for senior day, but it still probably won’t make much of a difference for the Noles.