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BYU AD Tom Holmoe says Notre Dame owes them a HOME football game

Location seems to be a real challenge

BYU v Notre Dame

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish still have an open contract with the BYU Cougars to play another game. That game, by contract, is to be a home game for the Cougars. It’s a fact that BYU athletic director Tom Holmoe wanted to make clear at a press conference about their new deal with ESPN.

“They owe us a home football game. We’ve had a couple of discussions about making that a neutral football game. Where now we would be the home game of that, but it would be a neutral game, and it’s interesting that they’re intrigued by that, but we can’t really agree where that neutral game will be played.”

It’s been obvious for quite some time that Notre Dame wants this to be a neutral site game if at all possible. While it is BYU’s home game and can’t be used as a Shamrock Series event, Notre Dame’s Jack Swarbrick seems to be trying to leverage this to what the Irish want before they agree to play.

A lot of us have held the opinion that this game could be destined for Las Vegas, and maybe that’s not what BYU wants. Ever since the announcement that the Oakland Raiders were moving to Vegas, fans and media members have been convinced that the Irish want a piece of that new stadium on its schedule down the road. Maybe the newly scheduled game against the California Golden Bears ends up being that game — as it was certainly the reason this was asked during the press conference.

There’s a lot of angst from BYU fans and alumni about this unfulfilled contract, and at least according to Holmoe, the discussion still is very much alive.

If you need more discussion about this game, please hit up Jude Seymour on Twitter (@ndjrs) as he is our resident BYU expert.

Notre Dame is 6-2 all-time against BYU.