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Notre Dame Football Recruiting: Chris Tyree is no longer a 5-Star

This is like a yo-yo

chris tyree notre dame

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish no longer have a 5-Star running back in the 2020 class. Take a deep breath and know that Chris Tyree is still coming to South Bend in June, and most of this is just ridiculousness running wild.

Rivals released their final rankings today and dropped Tyree about 35 spots. That drop in ranking affected his 247 Composite score — and goodbye 5th star. They also dropped Jordan Johnson enough for him to lose his Composite 5th star as well. Johnson still retained his 5-Star status on Rivals, and is no the only player designated as a “5-Star guy.”

If you want to stay mad about irrational rankings, Michael Mayer — who has done nothing but absolutely dominate every camp and all-star game, is still ranked as a 4-Star behind Arik Gilbert and Darnell Washington (both 5-Star players).

Should any of this matter? Absolutely not. Does it actually matter? Well... it depends on a certain point of view, but from Notre Dame’s standpoint, absolutely not. The only thing that this affects is the narrative moving forward on the roster, which still has zero effect on the field.

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