Daelin Hayes will return to Notre Dame for a 5th year

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish will get Daelin Hayes back in 2020. Hayes suffered a torn labrum and is out for the rest of this season.

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Before I stepped foot on a field field, before any ball was snapped, before any win or loss, I made a promise... A promise to use this game, this platform to glorify Your name regardless of outcome. To be a servant to both You and your word, my teammates, and overall community. And to fully embrace and attack each day with a heart of gratitude understanding that it was a blessing and a privilege to play this game. With these promises in mind, not only did I find a greater love for the game, but a greater love for the grind. Embracing the journey, the process, and maximizing each step along the way has brought me joy in unimaginable ways. It is in these lessons that I have found peace within my current circumstance. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to suit up for this University with the greatest brotherhood I’ve ever known. I am even more blessed to have been granted an opportunity to return next year for my fifth year. God willing, I promise to give everything I have in order to serve both my Brothers on this team and The University of Notre Dame ☘️

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