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Despite your feelings, Notre Dame moves up to #8 in latest Coaches and AP Top 25 polls

Someone dropped a cheeseburger.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Louisville Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish closed out week one in college football by going on the road and beating the Louisville Cardinals 35-17. It was an 18 point win in a contest that Vegas ended up having around an 18.5 point spread. So... respectable in terms of numbers.

The AP voters decide not to punish Notre Dame for nearly a 20 point win on the road against a Power 5 school — and the Irish ended up ranked #8 in the country. It was the Florida Gators that took the hit for their win over the Miami-Florida Hurricanes (a slightly sloppier affair than ND vs UL).

So, regardless of the frustration you felt on Monday night — the Irish weren’t “dinged” too much for it in a national sense.

Notre Dame has only three opponents that are also ranked in the Top 25, and they too have the same rank in both.

The madness continues with people ranking the Wolverines so high, but as we move into week 2, more and more data points will come to light to prove or disprove it all.

If you want to take issue with the voters, here is how every AP voter entered their ballots.