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Notre Dame has learned nothing from the Freekbass incident and probably never will

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An entire nation is to blame.

It’s been almost nine and a half years since the Notre Dame Fighting Irish released one of the most infamous in-house hype/music videos ever conceived at an American university. Yes, of course I’m talking about the We Are ND song performed by hat connoisseur, Freekbass. If you don’t remember — I don’t blame you one bit for burying this four minutes of soul-killing sound.

But allow me to refresh:

Remember... if you send me threats via email THAT IS A CRIME. It was necessary to provide that dark part of our past to move forward.

Bad music videos aren’t relegated to just Notre Dame. Across the country, there is a whole lot of WE CAN DO IT in our education system, and people think they are able to make great anthems for their schools like they were auditioning to become the newest member of Imagine Dragons. The Purdue Boilermakers are another that come to mind — do we really want to achieve the heights of Boiler greatness?

That’s not how music works. Even PROFESSIONAL artists (which I guess Freekbass kind of is) that attempt these types of songs fail miserably. Why? Because corny is always going to be corny AF as long as we breathe oxygen.

Enter Notre Dame’s latest submission:

Of course comments are disabled for this video.

I won’t go through it bar by bar, because I just can’t bring myself to that kind of mean. This is something that a group of people probably worked really hard on, and thought it was awesome while doing so... like pretty much anyone that works for a living and has a bad day (or week). It still deserves criticism, but placing it next to the Freekbass video is damage enough (as well as the thrown in Boiler fail).

Notre Dame has learned virtually nothing from the Freekbass incident other than to disable comments on YouTube right off the bat. No one is going to stop college kids from making cringe worthy music videos, and I’m not going to attempt that Herculean feat either. I do have a suggestion for everyone out there though — even you Purdue.

Keep the in-house stuff in-house. Maybe this just goes out in a mass email to the students and faculty, or maybe it’s just playing on some monitors in a room somewhere that some people may come across as they randomly go about their day.

DO NOT publish on YouTube for the world to see until you have a whole bunch of unsolicited praise come your way (your mom doesn’t matter even though she matters greatly). In this day and age, no one will follow that advice, so I suspect Notre Dame (and every other school in the country) won’t either.

I’m just saying.