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Notre Dame Football: 3 Things From The Bye Week to chew on

Eating those cheeseburgers again did us well.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Louisville Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Bye Week Round 1 for 2019

Last Saturday, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish did not play a game. I always miss when we don’t play, but it is always nice to know that the Irish can’t lose when they have a Bye Week. It takes a lot of the pressure off for that one day.

I still had some thoughts for the bye week. These are tangentially related to Notre Dame Football, but it was the bye week. I can be a bit off topic. And away we go.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame Pro Day
My face all week knowing we couldn’t lose on Saturday
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

3 Thoughts

Cheeseburgers are really good.

I’m so happy that Charlie Weis said what he said about Bye Weeks more than a decade ago. It has led to a cult following of the connection to bye weeks and cheeseburgers. I’m so glad he said such a delicious food back then because now I always have to eat a few cheeseburgers during a bye week. Let me tell you, it was a damn good choice. A great cheeseburger is always a solid option. Also, the cheeseburgers worked, as the Irish did not play but moved up one spot in the polls. This was all while Michigan dropped 3 spots LOL.

NCAA Football: East-West Shrine Game Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

College Football > NFL

And it isn’t even close. This is not news at all, as the NFL has its range of issues. But, I watched my beloved Lions tie on Sunday night when they played the Cardinals. I’m not going to digest those awful events that I had to watch, as it will just make me reach for the Tums. However, I had the thought that I have NO idea why, in 2019, two football teams could still tie. It’s so freaking dumb. This past weekend in college football, however, we saw some entertaining games go into OT (Army-UM and Nebraska-Colorado). They are exciting, and, get this, someone WINS the game. What a concept. The game is better, and the OT rules are superior in college football.

Stanford v Notre Dame Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

I can’t wait for this Saturday.

It is finally a home game, and it feels like the season is actually starting. Some teams will have played three games before the Irish have started their second game on Saturday. We won’t have weird game days or long breaks in between games. We get the season truly rolling on Saturday, and then the Irish play on 5 Saturdays in a row. It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Louisville Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports